Website Development

Does your PAC project a professional image? Are your PAC members well organized and recognized within your school community? One key to becoming a great leader is through communication!

The best way to communicate your PAC’s vision and create a professional image within the school community is by hosting your own PAC Website. Working together as a team and having open communication is vital to the success of your PAC. You have an executive, treasurer, secretary and various other co-ordinators within your PAC, it’s a business and therefore should run efficiently & professionally like one.

A website is an easy tool that can set your PAC apart in a positive way. BackPAC’s vision is to support PAC’s and ensure they have everything they need all in one place. Our templates are easy to use, allow you to customize with color and font choice and add your school logo. BackPAC provides your school with online videos that give you step by step instructions on how to add or change content. This makes it a breeze when one parent is leaving the school and someone else will be taking over their position on your PAC.

What are the benefits of hosting your own PAC website?

  • Convenience – Everything is in one place and your parents know where to go to get the information they need 24 hrs a day.
  • Gain Parent Trust & Improve Credibility – When it looks as though you take your PAC business seriously, others take you seriously and you start to gain their trust. This in turn creates a stronger community
  • A Website gives the Impression of Stability – People view businesses with a website as stable and professional and are more inclined to participate and invest their money on your fundraisers and events
  • Save Time and Paper – You have it all in one place. Advertise all your fundraisers, events, hot lunches, field trips, and whatever else is happening at your school. This not only saves you time from handing out flyers but also does some good for the environment
BackPAC is Committed to Inspiring, Supporting and Creating a Polished Image for your PAC!

Parent Advisory Council (PAC) – the PAC is the legislated parent representation at the school level advising on any matter relevant to the school. The PAC is intended to represent the collective view of parents of children in the school. As a result of recent changes to the School Act, parent advisory councils are now responsible for electing parent representatives to school planning councils. They also work with school principals to promote effective two-way communication between the school, the parent community and School Planning Councils. Each district also has a District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC).

Reading the definition of what a ‘PAC’ is (above) conjures up a picture of a sophisticated group of business people working together for one purpose. Yet, why is it that most PAC’s are anything but that?

According to some successful business people a few things that make a business successful are: smart and innovative ideas, a good working strategy, brilliant planning, evaluating and instituting effective short term and long term goals, spending time and effort on training and coaching, problem solving and making information readily available.

Granted a PAC is made up of volunteers and what parents have the time to run their PAC like a business? However; if PAC parents want to be taken seriously and be well supported, they need to look professional. BackPAC realizes that to look professional and be taken seriously, time and effort are needed and yet these are may be two things that parents can’t afford to give.

BackPAC is committed to Inspire PAC’s! We offer inspiration through new and exciting fundraisers; decorating ideas & tips for hosting events or teachers luncheons. We inspire by offering different perspectives on how to run your PAC with new ideas and concepts. We inspire one another through our ‘PAC Community’ link. We encourage you to check in often to our website and see what’s happening with other PAC’s in your community and gain inspiration from their ideas or challenges.

BackPAC is committed to Supporting your PAC! We do this by offering up to date on-line resources that make finding what you need a snap. We also do this by offering downloadable forms and tools that you can use quickly and easily at your individual schools, saving you valuable time. And the biggest support of all is by offering our fundraising services that not only help support your financial goals as a PAC but also support your school parents by giving them their time back to spend on other things that are important to them.

BackPAC is committed to helping your PAC create a Polished Image! By freeing up your time and allowing you to focus your energy on school events, volunteering in the classrooms and with field trips, you automatically look like a PAC with everything under control and all the important things taken care of!  We also give you on-line tools such as our PAC websites that are easy to use and will be appreciated by school parents, as they will be updated quickly and easily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We take our job seriously, if you don’t look good, we don’t look good – We’ve Got Your Back!