Does your PAC have a host of volunteers ready and willing to help out? Has it ever been frustrating trying to find enough volunteers?  Have your fundraising efforts ever fallen short due to a lack of parent involvement or commitment? Are you tired of ‘guilting’ parents into helping out?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions above, then we have a solution for you! The solution is ‘BackPAC Fundraising’ BackPAC was created to help PAC’s with their fundraising needs, it’s even in our slogan – ‘Let BackPAC carry your fundraising load!’

BackPAC is a constant and reliable service available to carry your schools fundraising efforts, without adding additional strain to the family unit.

Why use BackPAC?

Save Time – BackPAC Fundraising takes on organizing individual fundraisers as required or takes on total fundraising for the year, freeing up your precious time to take care of other important things.

Rid Busy Parents of Stress – BackPAC coordinates all aspects of your fundraisers – liaison between fundraising companies and parents, creation & distribution of forms & paperwork, collection of funds, delivery & distribution of products. This allows your busy parents to focus their attention & energy on other important things in their lives.

More Money for your PAC – BackPAC uses its 15 years of experience and works with your PAC to come up with fundraisers that are going to make you the most return. BackPAC will also advertise on their website and other media sites to increase your profits. BackPAC is paid a small percentage based on how well the fundraiser does, so our success is your PAC’s success!