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Website Development

BackPAC is committed to offering services that benefit your PAC and make your school volunteers life easier. We’ve chosen specific areas that can be time consuming for PAC parents and created our website around them. Looking to run a proficient PAC? Look no further then our ‘Website Development’. Let BackPAC create a polished look for your PAC! Your own professional website will allow you to communicate quickly and easily with your school parents, advertise upcoming events and on-goings at the school all with the click of a button!Read More....


Finding your ‘volunteer list’ dwindling? BackPAC has the solution; we are dedicated to increasing your profits through fundraising! No more relying on busy parent to help with volunteering because they won’t be needed. From start to finish let BackPAC puts its 15 years of fundraising and event planning to work for your school. We have the expertise of knowing when, how and what to fundraise and base it all on the needs and wants of your school parents. Call us to book your next fundraiser and the only thing you’ll have to think about is what you are going to do with your spare time!


In these cash-strapped times fundraising is an integral part of elementary schools, therefore our public schools simply can’t afford to carry on without parent involvement. Unfortunately, with increased work demands and changing family priorities, today’s parents don’t have the time or energy to volunteer and some have already over-extended themselves with volunteering at their kids schools.

BackPAC sympathizes with the needs of both parents and schools and we’ve put a program in place to help your PAC! BackPAC’s fundraising services takes care of your dilemma two ways, by:

  1. Taking the pressure off your parents
  2. Earning profits for your school by taking care of fundraising
Here’s how it works:

A BackPAC representative meets with your PAC to see what fundraisers will work best for your school and parents. You choose how many fundraisers you’d like BackPAC to do. Once the fundraisers are chosen and the dates are set, BackPAC takes care of the rest! We organize the paper work, the forms to be sent out, collection of the orders, liaison with the fundraising company, placing the orders and pick-up and distribution of all orders. After the fundraiser is completed, BackPAC drops off a cheque for your PAC! (* For those schools using our on-line system this will change slightly)

At what cost to our PAC?

There are no fees paid up front or out of your PAC’s pocket. BackPAC is paid a small percentage based on how well the fundraiser does. If the fundraiser is not successful, neither is BackPAC, so Your Success is Our Success! We work hard to make your PAC money!

Why use BackPAC?

We don’t make money if you don’t make money, so we work hard to ensure the fundraisers that are chosen are going to be successful. We also utilize the resources to promote and advertise your fundraiser, through our website, newsletter and by means of social media.

What fundraisers can we choose?

It’s really up to you and your PAC. If you have some favourites that your school likes or that have worked in the past, we can use those. Maybe you’d like to experience a different fundraiser? When BackPAC discusses your options, we take a few things into consideration; your parents, the demographics of the school, what has worked in the past for your PAC and what other fundraisers do you have planned for the year? Ultimately though the end choice is yours!

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Looking for forms, PAC manuals or searching for school links? No need to write another form, manual or search for a specific school link, we’ve put it all together for you - BackPAC On-line Resources! We’ve compiled everything we could think of that you could possibly need or want for your school PAC and if there is something you don’t see, simply let us know and we will add it for you! After all – ‘We’ve got your back!’Read More....
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Online PAC Lunch

Hot Lunches, what can we say but – Time Consuming! Let’s face it, hot lunches put smiles on our kid’s faces, but at what expense? After volunteering for 3 years and serving hundreds of hot lunches I know how much time and effort goes into each hot lunch. We’ve put together software that will help eliminate the paper, the counting and the sourcing and put the smile back on your volunteer’s faces! Our hot lunch program has already sourced the best possible price for you. All the lunches you could ever want to order are already on-line, priced and ready to go. Your PAC’d Lunch is now online!

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Does your PAC have a host of volunteers ready and willing to help out? Has it ever been frustrating trying to find enough volunteers?  Have your fundraising efforts ever fallen short due to a lack of parent involvement or commitment? Are you tired of ‘guilting’ parents into helping out?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions above, then we have a solution for you! The solution is ‘BackPAC Fundraising’! BackPAC was created to help PAC’s with their fundraising needs, it’s even in our slogan – ‘Let BackPAC carry your fundraising load!’

BackPAC is a constant and reliable service available to carry your schools fundraising efforts, without adding additional strain to the family unit.

Why use BackPAC?

Save Time – BackPAC Fundraising takes on organizing individual fundraisers as required or takes on total fundraising for the year, freeing up your precious time to take care of other important things.

Rid Busy Parents of Stress – BackPAC coordinates all aspects of your fundraisers – liaison between fundraising companies and parents, creation & distribution of forms & paperwork, collection of funds, delivery & distribution of products. This allows your busy parents to focus their attention & energy on the most important thing; their children!

More Money for your PAC – BackPAC uses it’s 15 years of experience and works with your PAC to come up with fundraisers that are going to make you the most return. BackPAC will also advertise on their website and other media sites to increase your profits. BackPAC is paid a small percentage based on how well the fundraiser does, so our success is your PAC’s success!

Why Use BackPAC’s Website?

Convenience – Everything you need to run a successful PAC is right at your fingertips, no more searching the web for hours to find what you’re looking for.

Save Time & Money – Your time is money. More then likely you have other responsibilities other then the school PAC. Find what you need on our website, no need to re-invent the wheel, it’s all here for you! Print off what you need and be on your way to other important responsibilities, your family!

Support – BackPAC is all about ‘Backing your PAC’ and supporting your efforts! We offer you manuals, downloads, ideas, solutions and support all in the name of making you look good and supporting your efforts as a PAC volunteer. Whether you work full time or part time, we are open 24 hrs with what you need and it’s all in one place!

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