Pre-Game To Do List

  • Be positive before a game and don’t point out mistakes or losses. Help your child feel confident about the game they’re about to play and say things like ‘have fun’ and ‘I know you’ll do your best’!
  • Coaching belongs to the coach, so show that you support the coach’s decisions. If you are talking about how you ‘disagree’ with their decisions, this will only undermine your child’s confidence and trust.
  • Keep your emotions in check. If you show that you are jittery, nervous or worried your child will likely be affected by these feelings.
  • Be a good fan and composed on the sidelines. Be only positive and supportive. Support the team by bringing water or snacks or serving as scorekeeper if the team needs a parent.
  • Don’t focus too much on mechanics and technique’s, allow your child to trust in their abilities. Tell them to ‘Go for it’ and ‘Have a Blast’!



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