Post-Game To Do List

  • Get their attention by starting with a couple positive comments. Pick out 2 areas you can complement your child on and make them positive.
  • Ask your child what 2 thing they thought they did well at. No matter how well or poorly your child played, discuss these first.
  • Be mindful of your behavior that could be subtle but your child could pick up on. Ex: If you usually show excitement or enthusiasm (for good play) or withdraw your attention or be silent (after a bad performance)
  • Numbers, scores or performance – avoid dwelling on them! Only discuss stats if necessary to make a point.
  • Avoid discussing the game at home, instead help your child change gears into other roles in life. Leave sports on the playing field! Only go over the plays if your child asks.
  • Developing balance in life rather that being 24/7 sports.


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