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How Exciting, Fresh & Healthy is your schools hot lunch program?

Are you able to offer Vegan, Vegetarian, Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy Free Meals? Are the meals you offer made fresh daily and are they prepared with locally sourced farm fresh foods? If your looking for a healthy change for your school kids, why not give us a call! 

Call today 604 785-7856

  • Easy to use online access for parents
  • A wide variety of healthy & delicious food options
  • Lunch & Snack days, it’s your choice
  • Profits for your PAC
  • FREE On-line Service!

We’ve got it in the Bag!

Do you want to free up your parent volunteers, ordering errors and transform your School Lunch Program?  

Call today to find out how we can help!

We put the ‘Fun in Fundraisers’

You chose the fundraiser – We do the rest!

  • No need for volunteers
  • Earn Profit for your PAC

Yes, it’s really that simple!

Focus on Fundraisers

Safety First

Summer Fun – Boating, Beaches, Hiking, Biking, make sure your kids are seen!

Dots and Dashes safety reflectors are high quality, self adhesive reflectors they are durable, water proof and easy to use. In any lighting, but more so in dark, wet conditions, these reflectors when lit by a light source can be seen from 300 – 500 m away.

Use them on umbrella’s, jackets, boots, backpacks, strollers, walking canes or pretty much anything else you can think of!

Dots and Dashes is a great product to offer within your school. Start September off Safely!

To find out how call 604 785-7856

Business Partners

Priority Home Check Inc.

Priority Home Check is a unique home monitoring service for property owners on vacation or absent from their homes for an extended period of time.

We pick up the mail, turn lights on and off to give the impression someone is home. Priority Home Check gives you peace of mind, knowing that insured, bonded professionals are caring for your home while you are away.

Contact: 604 551-0549 or visit our website at

YUMMY mini ‘Banana Splits’ for Summer! 

Slice a banana into sections, dip in melted chocolate then in sprinkle (or coconut), place on wax paper to dry. Place on serving platter, add a little squirt of whipped cream and a cherry!

Does your Elementary School have their school events already lined up for next year?

If so and you’d like:

  • to share it with the community
  • free advertising

Simply email your information to and we’ll post your  information on our Community Page and spread the word about your event or fundraiser!

Does Your Child Inspire You?

If so, this is the place to brag! Send their drawings and/or stories to and we’ll share their talents on our ‘Inspirational Kids’ page to help inspire other kids!


BackPAC Fundraising 

We are ready to ‘Back Your PAC’


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June 2013