Local Events

If it’s happening in our community, it’s on our ‘Local Events’ page. Find out what is happening in our local community!

• Kids shows
• Kids crafts shows
• Fairs
• Clubs
• Kids clothes and toy swap

At Honeyland we offer interactive and educational, private and public bee tours where kids and grown-ups will discover the marvelous world of honeybees and modern bee-keeping. The breathtaking view of the surrounding fields is a picture perfect way to relax and enjoy your day. http://www.honeylandcanada.com/

Bricks 4 Kidz® Robotics programs provide an extraordinary atmosphere for children where we learn, we build, we play… with LEGO® bricks. Programs are created around our proprietary model plans which are designed by engineers and architects, with exciting themes such as Amusement Parks, Spectacular Space, Construction Craze, and Interesting Inventions. Using the latest motors, remote controls, animation software, Lego® Mindstorms software and more we help your little engineers explore a whole new world of possibilities with Lego®. We offer programs for children ages 3-12, including: After-school Enrichment Classes, Camps, Birthday Parties and Preschool Classes. http://www.bricks4kidz.com/canada-britishcolumbia-coquitlam/

Family Days Out – Turn off the TV, lock up the games console and have a great time with the children. Whatever the weather and whatever their age! Discover loads of fantastic family friendly attractions just round the corner and all over the lower mainland. http://www.familydaysout.com/canada