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Business Partners

Helping support our community, your schools PAC and your business - Benefit your Community, Back your PAC, Sustain your Business

When we work together and support our communities we all win. The Business Partner Program was developed to bring our communities together, support one another’s endeavors and all thrive in the process. It’s a ‘Win Win’ for everyone!

 Advertise with BackPAC Fundraising BackPAC pays your child’s elementary school PAC Your client receives a small discount You receive a new client Advertising is done on a quarterly basis and fees are paid up front. When we receive your payment we issue you child’s elementary school PAC a cheque for 50% of the cost of advertising. (Eg: If you pay $350, BackPAC will issue a cheque for $175.00 to your child’s elementary school PAC) Any new client that you gain from your advertising with BackPAC will be given a small discount at your discretion and in return you receive a new client and possibly referrals!  Read More....

Inspirational Kids

If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.  - Walt E. Disney   This is YOUR page!  An inspirational page to share things like:
  • Your art
  • A random act of kindness you did
  • Something inspirational that you accomplished!
This is your time to shine, share your talents and make a difference. Send us your pictures, things you’ve accomplished or things you would like to share to and we’ll post them for you!Read More....

Community Page

This is your PAC Community, Share, Receive, Give - this is YOUR PAC Community! We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ~Winston Churchill This page is all about our school community, feel free to send things to be posted things like:
  • Inspiring School Ideas, stories of teachers that are making a difference
  • What’s happening at your school? Special Event? Carnival? When & Where?
  • Something you feel would benefit or help another school, parent or community
  • Having a fundraiser that is open to the public? Share it here!
Share with the community today! Please send your comments, photos, ideas, suggestions, recipes, events that are happening at your school to We look forward to hearing from you!Read More....

KM Club

Join our community and let's keep active togetherRead More....
kids riding bikes

Local Events

Find out what fun, educational or helpful events are happening around the communityRead More....
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