What fundraisers can we choose?

It’s really up to you and your PAC. If you have some favourites that your school likes or that have worked in the past, we can use those. Maybe you’d like to experience a different fundraiser? When BackPAC discusses your options, we take a few things into consideration; your parents, the demographics of the school, what has worked in the past for your PAC and what other fundraisers do you have planned for the year? Ultimately though the end choice is yours!


At what cost to our PAC?

There are no fees paid up front or out of your PAC’s pocket. BackPAC is paid a small percentage based on how well the fundraiser does. If the fundraiser is not successful, neither is BackPAC, so Your Success is Our Success! We work hard to make your PAC money!


Why use BackPAC?

We don’t make money if you don’t make money, so we work hard to ensure the fundraisers that are chosen are going to be successful. We also utilize the resources to promote and advertise your fundraiser, through our website, newsletter and by means of social media. If you don’t have many volunteers, BackPAC is a great option as we take care of everything from start to finish!


Can we still do some fundraisers ourselves?

Of course you can! You can have BackPAC come in and do 1 fundraiser or 5 or 6, it’s up to you.


Can we hire BackPAC to come in and help us put on a large event?

At this time we are not advertising our services for event planning, however, we would consider it depending on the scope of the event.


Does BackPAC work outside of school district 43?

Yes! BackPAC’s online services can be used by any school within Canada. At this time BackPAC is focusing their ‘fundraising for schools’ within district 43.


Can BackPAC look after all of our Fundraisers?

Yes, we would love too!


Does BackPAC except credit card payments when offering fundraisers?

Yes we do.


Can we choose our own Fundraisers or do we have to use one of BackPAC’s?

You can chose ones that you and your fellow school parents enjoy or chose a new fundraiser that you haven’t done before, it’s entirely up to you!


Does BackPAC replace our PAC?

No not at all. Your PAC is your schools PAC, BackPAC is offering supportive service only. You are always in control of your PAC!

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