School Supplies

Just saw a news clip on school supplies and it seems like the cheapest place to purchase them is in the States. I couldn’t believe the difference in prices compared to Canada, big savings! Looks like we will be heading to the States! Anyone else find any good deals?

Kids & Money – Teaching Skills for Life!

When we think of teaching our kids life skills, I think the furthest thing from most of our minds would be ‘finances’.  Aren’t life skills things like  swimming, cleaning, cooking, etc.? Teaching our children  about how to earn money, save money & spend it,  is a skill that they will use for life.

When kids are encouraged to create their own money from their passions, gifts and abilities; they are empowered and it gives them a sense confidence. They are then given a self-esteem boost when they are able to apply the skills they’ve learned in their own life.

Here are some on-line resources that can help you get starting.;;


Random Acts of Kindness

Each of us has a choice on a daily basis to do or show kindness to others. It may appear though that many think only of themselves. We see evidence of this nearly everywhere we look, from aggressive drivers, explosive tempers to people defrauding one another to get ahead.

In contrast to the negative behavior that we often see, what are some benefits of training our kids to put others before themselves? Children who are considerate:

  • Make friends easily
  • Enjoy stable relationships
  • Are more content with what they have

It also teaches kids to be, Cooperative – Compassionate – Responsible

In a self-absorbed society it can be a challenge to help your children cultivate positive attributes. Consider three things that can foster a ‘me-first’ attitude in your child:


According to the book The Narcissism Epidemic – Children want stuff and it’s natural for parents to want to make their children happy. Parents buy their kids what they want and children are happy, but only for a short period of time; then they want even more stuff. Research indicates that people who focus on ‘material things’ are less happy and more depressed. They also have a higher rate of physical and mental problems.


With the best intentions parents may feel compelled to protect their children from any type of adversity, however; this does not prepare them for when they are older and have to face work in the ‘real world’. According to Escaping the Endless Adolescence – many young adults entering the workforce are ill-prepared to cope with adversity. Some are devastated by the slightest criticism and others are finicky and will accept only work that meets their highest expectations.


Researchers have noted a disturbing trend: many young adults are entering the workforce with a marked sense of entitlement – an attitude in which they expect success even if they have done little or nothing to earn it. Some assume that they will be promoted quickly, even without mastering their trade and others are convinced that they are special and deserve to be treated that way – and then they become dejected when they realize that the world does not share their view.  Of course we want to build self-esteem in our children, but true self confidence comes from honing your talents and learning things says the book Generation Me, ‘not from being told you’re great just because you exist.’

Teaching our kids at an early age to show kindness, contributes to the welfare of others and helps older children understand that they make a positive difference in the lives of others. We all seek on some level to make a difference and live a life of purpose. As we give to others, we strengthen ourselves and as we receive from others, we allow them to grow.

Random acts of kindness foster the development of the higher centers of our brain. From these higher centers, our children grow to be readers, writers, scientists, artists and mathematicians. It truly is a wonderful gift that we can share with and teach our children.