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 Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

'Leann Fox wasted no time getting down to business. After six years on parent advisory committees, she witnessed her 
share of challenges. Her idea was to support busy parents by helping with their school fundraising and hot lunches. 
While she was still in class, Leann was hard at work on her website and her services. Seeking out support and advice 
is Leann’s greatest advantage as an entrepreneur and this has helped her make great strides early. She has created 
alliances to expand quickly and increase her operational capacity. Where she hoped to service 50 schools, these 
partnerships have increased her capacity to over 350. If she keeps this up, BackPAC is sure to become THE go-to 
resource for school fundraising.' 
Douglas College Mentor

Meet our finalists!

This year,  twenty-seven finalists vied for a Douglas College Entrepreneur of the Year Award. It was so difficult to choose from so much talent, passion and commitment. What a contribution you have all made to our communities – thank you and congratulations!


Top row, left to right: Matt Farrell-Nitro Pipe Freeze Inc., Justin Johnson-JJ’s Custom Plumbing, Brian Timmins-Orange Frog Creative, Cera Rivers-Fairy Cakes Cupcakes, Terryl Plotnikoff-Canadian Mattress Recycling IncMike Loundry-Westside Pest Control Inc., Helen Raven-Ocean Breeze Homecare Inc., Dave Sviatko-Sivey’s Lawn & Order Landscaping, Tasia Pona-Sewaholic Patterns Inc., Debra Agostino-Agon Insurance Services, Todd Stephenson-Upstart Battery Inc., Peter Wang-CanBright Enterprises, Zainab Bernard-Miscellany Finds,

Middle row, left to right: Susan Boras-Squarehole Coaching Inc.,Zahra Majzoubi-Zara Custom Curtains Ltd., Leann Fox-BackPAC Fundraising, Carley Struve-SewGood,

Bottom row, left to right: Urszula Petrykowska -ZULA Jewlery + Design Shauna Magrath-BeautyINK,  Ashlee Coulthard-Revive Hair & Body Lounge Ltd.,Guy Avidan-Shavit-Walker Heavy Duty, Lena Jerabek-Beesafe Solutions Ltd., Mohamad Kermany-IDEAL Immigration Services Inc., Craig McDowell-Zoomies Dog Daycare & Training Center Inc.

Not pictured: Niusha Nassiri -IDEAL Immigration Services Inc., Sergey Shevchenko-View Review & Eye Training Center Inc, Mehrnaz Bassiri- MyGradeBooster, Deborah Prince-ApexMed Transcription Services


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