About Us

Leann-head-shotAs an elementary school mom I wanted to be involved in my sons schooling, so from kindergarten I volunteered on PAC. I loved being involved, being at school and enjoyed the atmosphere, the teachers, the fundraising events, but most of all the kids!

As I got more involved I recognized the important role PAC plays in the school and how it benefits the children. Successful fundraising events and the resulting equipment upgrading, purchase of supplies, etc., can only enhance our children’s learning experience.

As I took on more responsibility within the PAC, I noticed differences regarding parent involvement within other elementary schools. Parents are busy, have younger children at home, other responsibilities, work, etc., and often have little time to assist with fundraising. I also noticed that there was very little support given to new parents who wanted to take on positions within the PAC.

With my son moving on to middle school I realized how much I would miss my time spent on ‘event planning’ and ‘fundraising’ at an elementary school level. I saw a niche in assisting PAC’s at other elementary schools with on line support and through fundraising…… and BackPAC was conceived!