• Backing your PAC every step of the way. Whether it be through our Hot Lunch management system complete with free online hot lunch ordering, business partners or our PAC community, we’ve taken YOU & YOUR PAC into consideration. We are all about supporting your PAC endeavors and helping make your volunteer efforts, effortless!
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  • BackPAC puts convenience and ease back into PAC life. Hot Lunch Management, Fundraising and Resources, (your PAC’s life just got a little easier). Click here to find out more about our full range of PAC support services.
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  • Why you’ll love BackPAC:

    • We make your PAC money
    • We save your PAC money
    • We save your PAC time and energy

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  • Let BackPAC manage your school hot lunch or help set up a fundraising plan for your school and together we can put more profit into your PAC!
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  • Let BackPAC help you create an impeccable look for your PAC! Thinking of running your own PAC website? Overwhelmed by putting a site together, how to run it, where to start? Learn how you can easily enjoy the benefits of running your own PAC website and run a more effective & efficient PAC.
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Find out how our low or no cost products and services help your PAC make money and run efficiently…..